Forbes just recently posted an article titled, “Six Reasons Everyone Is Moving To Miami’s Brickell.”

Off the bat, we can think of three:  Location, Location, Location.

Okay, that’s a bit snarky on our part, but let’s see what kind of meat is in this article.

  1. Lots of New Construction  (true)
  2. Convenience and Connectivity  (true)
  3. Creative Culture  (yes)
  4. Great food  (that’s true for all of Miami)
  5. Look and Feel Great  (???)
  6. Yacht lifestyle  (????)

Okay, there’s some truth in this Forbes article, but let’s cut the BS and post the reality.  So here are our reasons why everyone wants to move to Brickell.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s nice to live in beautiful Miami.  Brickell has amazing views of Biscayne Bay and easy access to everything Miami has to offer.  South Beach is a bridge away.  So is beautiful Key Biscayne.  All you might want in downtown is easily accessible via Metro Mover.  Brickell is more walkable than South Beach.  Easy access to food, banking, business, food, shopping, and entertainment.


Listen motherfucker, Miami is the capital of the Americas, and Brickell is the financial capital of the Americas.  Money makes the world go round, and Brickell is loaded with money.


Forbes is never going to say this, but I will.  Money attracts beautiful women.  And Miami already has the most beautiful women in the world.  You don’t think the hot shot Wall Street guy doesn’t know this?  That mofo wants a place where he can easily attend a client dinner at The Capital Grille that seals the deal while still partaking in evening flirtations with some of the hottest eye candy.

You don’t think the 55 year old, over the hill, overweight, loaded South American businessman doesn’t know the beautiful women that await on Brickell.  I’m not saying every beautiful woman wants a 55 year old overweight guy.  I’m just saying a truth of life…money attracts beautiful women.


Hello.  It’s Miami bitch.

It’s warm in the winter and it’s sizzlin’ hot in the summer.  If you have loads of money, why the hell do you want to shovel snow?  Fall on ice?  Really?

I can be on the boat in Key Biscayne in January.  Come on people.  Let’s get real.


I’m going to put on my accountant hat and state the obvious.  Rich people in New York are leaving New York for Miami.  It’s just a 2-3 hour flight to leave the tax hungry New York state income tax to enjoy Florida’s no income tax paradise.  When you’re ultra wealthy and you can live anywhere, why pay more to live in New York when you can keep more money and live on Brickell.


You can get from Miami to other countries faster than you can get from Miami to Georgia.  Whether it’s the Bahamas, Cuba, or other parts of the Caribbean, there’s no denying Miami’s close proximity to a wealth of other countries.  If your business includes international travel, Miami’s the best place to be.



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